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SHP autoclaaf Laboklav LAV 55 Basic

Artikelnr: L132021.0055.001.000
Dampsterilisator Laboklav LAV 55 Basic
Inhoud 55 liter
Inwendig 410x460 mm. (Øxh)
Temperatuur 98 tot 135°C
Maximum druk 2.8 bar

(installatiekosten op aanvraag)


Uitgebreide informatie

SHP autoclaaf Laboklav LAV 55 Basic

  • equipped for the sterilisation of liquids, solids and waste
  • can be fitted with options to make it suitable for the most complex laboratory applications
  • is designed to work at minimum energy consumption and saves valuable natural resources
  • can be installed as vertical
  • or horizontal autoclave
  • is manufactured and tested in Germany in full compliance with all relevant norms and regulations
  • is available in different colour combinations
  • manual or automatic filling of feed water is possible
  • integrated tank for feed water and cooling water
  • connection to drain pipe
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